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Official last day of National Grilled Cheese Month - I’m gonna get one of everything @clementinefoods!

Getting strong now! Thanks to my #cheesykarate workouts with @norrisfit. #grilledcheese #askmscheesy

Now I need your advice my cheesy friends: Do you think the new Editor in Cheese for Comte Nast should have this car? It’ll cost me a lot of cheddar! #mscheesyisasking #grilledcheese #jaguar #butter

What’s in Ms. Cheesy’s purse? Bread, butter, cheese, emery board (always a fresh one in case it needs to double as a spreader), nail polish in my favorite cheddar hues. #alwaysprepared #askmscheesy #grilledcheese

#yearbookphoto. I was voted Most Likely to Eat Grilled Cheese (and Best Hair) #askmscheesy #grilledcheese @clementinefoods

@sonomanailart I tried to do this but it didn’t come out nearly so great as your #cheesemanicure. You are very talented! #askmscheesy #grilledcheese

Guess who got a promotion at Comte Nast today! #askmscheesy #grilledcheese

Ok people, April is almost over and there is still a lot of grilled cheese eating we need to accomplish. So I need each and every one of you to hit that big red STOP button on the treadmill of life and get over to Clementine, STAT! #grilledcheese #askmscheesy @clementinefoods

Hamish surprised me at my office today and whisked me away for a delicious #grilledcheese lunch @clementinefoods #hamncheesy

Too many Cheeztinis this weekend equals Monday morning torture workout with my cheesy trainer @norrisfit. I’m planning to enjoy every last minute of #grilledcheesemonth @clementinefoods! #askmscheesy #grilledcheese

Me and Antonio @clementinefoods. Antonio, tu eres mi amigo mas guapo y caseoso <3 #askmscheesy #grilledcheese

@askmscheesy workin’ hard @norrisfit hardly workin’ #fitforcheese

Q: Ms. Cheesy, how do you keep your svelte figure when you enjoy cheese so much?A: Hard work with my cheesy trainer @norrisfit @oakfitnessclub #askmscheesy #grilledcheese #fitforcheese

Last night I dreamt I was in heaven. This sandwich appeared and said “Behold my deliciousness, for I am Yam & Cheese.” And, just as I was about to take a bite, I

Dear Ms Cheesy, I'm feeling very desperate. My boyfriend and I have been together for almost 9 years. I keep asking him, "When are we getting married?" His answer is: "If we DO GET MARRIED, THINGS WILL CHANGE,,," I tell him yes, they may change but for the better! He says he has seen couples get divorced a few months or a few years after they get married. PLEASE HELP ME, what should I do?


Dear Desperate,

I have been pondering your question for some time.  I have to say up front that, although I have an extensive knowledge of cheese, I don’t feel fully qualified to answer your question.  I can, however, share a story with you…

A few weeks ago, I made a grilled cheese sandwich for my boyfriend Hamish.  Usually he loves my grilled cheese, but on that particular day, he was just taking the tiniest nibbles - really just pretending to eat.  When I confronted him about it, he said that he didn’t really want to dig in to the sandwich because he was worried that his new slacks might get greasy.  I said “Yes, that’s possible, Ham, but you could put a napkin on your lap.”  He said that he has eaten grilled cheese before with a napkin on his lap, and the grease has still soaked through.  Anyway, after I brought him an old towel to protect his slacks and he still did not touch the sandwich, I said “Okay, Ham, what gives?”  Long story short, it turned out he has a severe aversion to pickle relish, which I had put on the sandwiches that day.  I didn’t think to ask him if he likes pickle relish, because he LOVES gherkins (I had not really considered how different those two condiments are, because I had grown up using them interchangeably on my grilled cheese).  Anyway, after we had a long talk, I realized that I should have asked him if he wanted pickle relish.  It turned out that he didn’t really even want grilled cheese for lunch that day, but didn’t want to tell me because he knows how important grilled cheese is to me.  He told me “I’ll always want to share a sandwich with you, but some days I might just want it to be avocado on toast.”

So, Desparate, my point is this: maybe instead of asking “When are we getting married?” you should ask your boyfriend “What do you think about when you picture your future?”  And then, maybe over some kind of sandwich, you can talk about what’s important to each of you.  Just remember, grilled cheese is great - but avocado toast can be really awesome too.

Fondue-ly yours,

Ms. Cheesy


Avocado Toast with Goat Cheese

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